Fiedler, Betty

Birth Name Fiedler, Betty
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources

Boat September 15, 1937 אף על פי כן TLC 147 Michael Parma Farida Af Al Pi Chen Af-Al-Pi Chen sailed from Formia for Haifa

Event Note

Moshe Kriboshein Galili, with help of the leaders of the Revisionist Zionist Organization in Wien, organized a small, 50-ton vessel.
William Perl cites: when the boat approached the Haifa חיפה shoreline, "Moses Krivoshein leaped into the ocean and swam ashore, while the boat waited in the silent waters."
"There had been no prior arrangements in Palestine. In the middle of the night, Krivoshein, soaking wet, knocked at the doors of the Jewish settlers in nearby houses, and whisperes, "We have escapees from Hitler! They are offshore! Come and help us!""

Event Note

Until June, 1938, Moshe Galili continued to work in "illegal immigration", bringing in over 550 Maapilim.

Event Note

On September 15, 1937, Betty Fiedler sailed on Af-Al-Pi-Chen from Formia for Haifa.
The Jewish Virtual Library cites: "A British collaborator, Betty Fiedler – a beautiful woman who mixed among the immigrants – charmed both passengers and crew while signaling British naval vessels with a flashlight and identifying crew members for British authorities to arrest, before "disappearing into the bulwarks" during disembarkment."
Yehoshua Ravid cites: "we had an olah with us named Betty Fiedler. She betrayed us and identified all the Israeli crew members, except me, to the British."
"A long time afterwards, when I was in Italy, I found out that her step-sister came to Kfar Gileadi and spent about 1½ years there. She went to Jerusalem and there contact was lost. Betty was also never heard of again."



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