, Galia

Birth Name Galia
Birth Name גליה
Call Name גליה
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth February, 1948 ירושליים הנצורה Ambrosia Cicilio Yerushalayim haNetzura  

Event Note

Tzvi Ben-Tzur cites: "The most exciting event during the voyage was a difficult birth in which Dafni played the part of midwife. Under the circumstances, it was only natural that the baby girl be named Galia."
Moshe Dafni cites: "The ma’apilim came aboard, and already on the first night a young woman had labor pains and was about to give birth. The nurse on board was helpless. The baby began to come out and I, with my great
“experience” in the cow barn, acted as midwife. The birth was a long and difficult one. The afterbirth did not come out and that worried us. On the following day an older woman came along and applied pressure to the girl’s
abdomen, and then the placenta moved and came out, and everything was fine. Someone suggested calling the baby Galia, and that is her name to this day. The following day the rest of the ma’apilim arrived and among them was a doctor and a couple who brought another baby hidden in their belongings. They thought that we would not allow them to bring a baby so they hid him."



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