, Rachel

Birth Name Rachel
Married Name Gerber, Rachel
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources

Marriage   Biłgoraj, powiat Biłgorajski, województwo Lubelskie, Polska David Gerber married Rachel

Emigration 1939 Бухоро Bukhara, Бухоро вилояти, збекистон David Gerber fled from Poland with his wife and children

Event Note

David Gerber, his wife, Rachel, and their family fled, with the Soviets, to Berdychiv Бердичі.
The family continued to Vladimir Wilensk.
They refused to take USSR citizenship, and they were sent to Asino А́сино, in Siberia Сибирь, where David Gerber worked at a horse farm.
In 1945, the Gerber family was released, and moved to Bukhara Бухоро.



Married Husband Gerber, David
  1. גרבר Gerber, Nehama bat David


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