, Dimitros

Birth Name Dimitros
Birth Name Δημήτρος
Call Name Δημήτρος
Gender male


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Event Note

Dimitros served as Commander of the Greek seamen.

Event Note

When the ship was intercepted by the British, Dimitros refused to disembark as an immigrant, but put on his captain's uniform with its gold stripes, and cap, and stood proudly on the bridge.

Camp   כלא עכו Akko Prison, עכו, הצפון, ישראל  

Event Note

Dimitros was interned in Akko Prison כלא עכו, where he became good friends with a British Corporal.
As he and the Corporal stood outside the barbershop, Dimitros disappeared, and was driven by taxi to Café Atara, where he was met by Dr. Sternberg.
Dimitros was transferred to an ambulance, and transported to Tel Aviv תל אביב.

Event Note

Ten Greek seamen, including Dimitros, were hidden in a citrus packing shed in Kfar Azar כפר אז"ר, waiting to get back to Greece Ελλάδα.
When no way could be found, they turned to the 'Yarkon Boys' who had a small vessel called Trumpeldor, which had been out ofs ervice for a long time, but was repaired and refitted within a short period.
The Greek seamen were taken to the Yarkon River נחל הירקון‎, boarded Trumpeldor and sailed to Turkey Türkiye, where Dimitros sold Trumpeldor, and purchased train tickets to Greece Ελλάδα.
That was the last mission of the 'Yarkon Boys'.



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