MacDonald, Malcolm OM, PC

Birth Name MacDonald, Malcolm OM, PC [1]
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth August 17, 1901    

Occupation May, 1938 Colonial Office, United Kingdom Government, Colonial Office, United Kingdom Neville Chamberlain moved Malcolm MacDonald back to the Colonial Office

Event Note

In October, 1938, Lord Stanley, the Dominions Secretary, died and Malcolm MacDonald was appointed to succeed him in addition to the Colonial Office.
The following January, he relinquished the Dominions Office.

Event Note

In 1939, Malcolm MacDonald oversaw and introduced the MacDonald White Paper, which aimed at the creation of a unified state, with controls on Jewish immigration.
The MacDonald White Paper argued that with over 450,000 Jews having now settled in the British Mandate of Palestine, the Balfour Declaration had been met, and the paper opposed an independent Jewish state.
Michael Fry cites: "Another friend of Weizman, he (Malcolm MacDonald) had once counted himself a Zionist too, yet after a visit to Palestine he imposed formal limits on immigration, to the fresh fury of the Jews."



Father MacDonald, James Ramsay
Mother Gladstone, Margaret Ethel


Source References

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