Cohn, Paul M. ben Yaacov (Jakob)

Birth Name Cohn, Paul M. ben Yaacov (Jakob) [1]
Call Name Paul
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth August 1, 1924 Hamburg, Deutschland  

Education April, 1930   Paul Cohn entered the Alsterdorfer Straße School

Event Note

In 1931, Paul Cohn moved to the Meerweinstraße School, where his mother taught.

Event Note

Paul Cohn was sent to the Talmud-Tora-Schule, Jüdische Schule, at No. 30 Grindelhof, in the Grindel quarter of Hamburg.

Transport   Kindertransport Children’s Transport  

Event Note

Right after Kristallnacht, Paul Cohn's mother registered him for emigration to the Netherlands, which offered to admit children without a guarantee, and he began to learn Dutch.
In the spring of 1939, England announced it was prepared to take in children without guarantee, and Paul Cohn's parents immediately registered him, regarding England as safer than the Netherlands.

Event Note

In April 1939, Paul Cohn left school, one year before his school-leaving exam, with formalities fulfilled, his emigration on the Kindertransport to England, was scheduled for May 21, 1939.

Event Note

Until the end of 1931, Paul Cohn worked on a chicken farm in England., and then, after training as a precision engineer, he acquired a work permit, and worked in a factory for 4½ years.
He took a correspondence course to earn his school leaving certificate, passed the Cambridge Scholarship Examination, and was awarded a scholarship to study mathematics at Trinity College, Cambridge.

Graduation 1951   Paul Cohn earned a PhD in mathematics

Event Note

Paul Cohn worked for a year in Nancy, as Chargé des Recherches, then as lecturer in Manchester and London universities.


Occupation   University College London UCL, London, England, United Kingdom Paul Cohn was Astor Professor

Event Note

In 1989, Paul Cohn retired from University College London.



Father Cohn, Jakob
Mother , Julia


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