Adler, Sigmund

Birth Name Adler, Sigmund
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources

Marriage     Sigmund Adler married Rose

Transport 1944 Kasztner train רכבת קסטנר Rudolph Kasztner Transports The Adler family escaped Nazi Budapest and made it safely to St. Gallen

Event Note

Eva Adler cites the border of Switzerland proved insurmountable.
"The Swiss changed their mind and we couldn’t go, So they took us to Bergen-Belsen. ... I think Kasztner worked, worked hard with the Swiss."

Event Note

Eva Adler cites that "It was almost nighttime when Adler and the others trekked eight, maybe 10, miles into the forest near Bergen-Belson. There was no train. They waited. "We are standing there. It was already 5 o’clock and cold. Then it became dark. It was finally 10 o’clock."
"Then, a train pulled up in the dark of the forest, not with the typical cattle cars used to transport Jews to their deaths, but ones with passenger seats. Hopes surged. "If they wanted to take us to the gas chambers, they wouldn’t bring such an elegant train,"



Married Wife , Rose
  1. Adler, Eva
  2. Adler, Frederick


    1. Adler, Sigmund
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