Sainsbury, Alan John

Birth Name Sainsbury, Alan John
Call Name Alan
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth August 13, 1902    

Transport   Kindertransport Children’s Transport  

Event Note

John Rosen cites: "In late 1938/early 1939, the Sainsburys were having a family dinner and discussed what they heard was happening to the Jewish people in Germany. The Sainsbury family, who were not Jewish, were a wealthy family who owned – and still own – a very large chain of grocery stores in England. At the dinner they decided that apart from any other actions, they would take steps to participate in what would later be known as the Kindertransport."

Event Note

The Sainsbury family rented a large house in Putney, London and staffed the house with everything needed, cook, maids, housekeepers, matrons and someone to teach German speaking children ow to speak English.

Occupation 1921   John Sainsbury, age 17 years, joined J. Sainsbury Ltd., working with his uncles as a purchaser



    1. Sainsbury, Alan John