Calic, Yitzhak

Birth Name Calic, Yitzhak
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth July 4, 1922 Ungheni, raionul Ungheni, Moldova  

Event Note

In 1930, Yitzhak Calic's father left for the United States.
He worked 12 hours a day, earning $5.00 per week.
He lived on $2.00 and sent his wife and her six children the remaining $3.00 per week.

Emigration June, 1932   Yitzhak Calic left Romania for San Fancisco

Event Note

In June 1932 Yitzhak Calic's family received visas for the United States.
They went to San Francisco, where Yitzhak's father had a sister.

Membership 1936 השומר הצעיר ‎haShomer haTzair Yitzhak Calic and two of his sisters joined

Event Note

after his discharge from the United States Army, Yitzhak Calic went to the training farm run by the haShomer haTzair, in Hightstown, New Jersey, and he remained there until he volunteered to sail on a Haganah ship

Military Service December, 1942 United States Army, Department of Defence DoD Yitzhak Calic was drafted, and was stationed in India and Burma

Event Note

In January 1946, Yitzhak Calic was discharged.

Military Service   מח"ל מתנדבי חוץ לארץ ‎Machal Volunteers from Abroad  

Boat March, 1948 כלנית Anemone Mayflower SS Mala Calanit Yitzhak Calic as a sailor, although he had no previous experience

Membership   קיבוץ עין השופט kibbutz Ein hashofet,רמות מנשה, מגידו, הצפון, ישראל  

Membership January, 1949 קיבוץ סאסא kibbutz Sasa, הגליל העליון, הצפון, ישראל  

Marriage December, 1950   Yitzhak Calic married Bruia, from Hadera

Occupation   אגד Egged Israel Transport Cooperative Society Ltd Yitzhak Calic worked for 35 years as a bus driver and shareholder


Source References

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    1. Calic, Yitzhak