Zmurri Zamorai Zemurray, Samuel 'Sam'

Birth Name Zmurri Zamorai Zemurray, Samuel 'Sam'
Birth Name 'Sam the Banana Man'
Call Name 'Sam'
Call Name 'Sam the Banana Man'
Gender male
Age at Death 84 years, 10 months, 12 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth January 18, 1877 Chişinău Kishinev, Basarabia, Moldova  

Immigration 1891   Sam Zmurri, age 14 years, emigrated from Bessarabia to America

Residence 1892   Samuel Zmurri's family settled in Selina, Alabama


Event Note

In 1895, Sam Zmurri entered the banana trade in Mobile, and, at age 18 years, he earned his wealth in a venture in New Orleans, buying bananas that had ripened in the transport ships and then sold them locally.
He later acquired a steamship and went to Honduras, where, in 1910, he acquired 5,000 acres along the Cuyamel River.
In 1930, he sold his company, Cuyamel Fruit, to the rival United Fruit Company for $31.5 million in stock and retired.
In 1933, when the stock plunged 90% from when he had soldout, he returned to the business and voted out the board of directors.

Event Note

In 1899, Samuel Zmurri went to Mobile, and bought second-hand bananas in carload lots and sold them to nearby dealers.
He used a railroad car for his pushcart in his first banana venture, buying about $150 worth of bananas in Mobile, and shipping them inland by Railway Express, telegraphing grocers along the route to come to the railroad sidings for ripe bananas.

Event Note

In 1951, Sam Zemurray resigned as president of the United Fruit Company.

Boat 1947 עצמאות Pan Crescent Atzmaut פאן קרסצנט Pan Crescent and Pan York were acquired by Mossad leAliyah Bet from Samuel Zemuray, of the United Fruit Company

Death November 30, 1961 New Orleans, Louisianna, United States of America  



    1. Zmurri Zamorai Zemurray, Samuel 'Sam'