Perkins, Harold

Birth Name Perkins, Harold
Gender male


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Military Service   MI6 Secret Intelligence Service SIS, Government of the United Kingdom, Vauxhall Cross, London Borough of Lambeth, London, England  

Boat   עצמאות Pan Crescent Atzmaut פאן קרסצנט MI6, attempted to sabotage Pan Crescent פאן קרסצנט before she sailed from Venezia

Place Note

MI6, despite the covert operations and efforts made to evade detection, became aware of Pan Crescent פאן קרסצנט, and the substantial refitting carried out in Venezia, to accommodate the anticipated 7,500 passengers.
British Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), working with with the American National Security Agency (NSA), spotted the transaction for the ship's purchase in the United States, and followed the operation, planning to stop her voyage, and her lmission.
Harold Perkins, a senior MI6 officer, devised the plan to sabotage the ships, and the Kent Corps Specials, headed by Fredrick Vanden Heuval, were assigned to destroy Pan Crescent at its berth.
Posing as smugglers, the team of Kent Corps Specials approached the vessel in a small boat, attached mines to her hull beneath the waterline, and rowed away.
Pan Crescent פאן קרסצנט did not sink after the mine detonated, due to quick action of those on board, who immediately manned the pumps, and luckily, the sabotage took place in shallow waters, rather than on the open sea.
Palyam sent Motti Hod and Haim Winkler, to investigate the explosion, and they found the Italian foreman who had collaborated with the British Intelligence; he confessed that had saved the ship by shortening the detonator fuse, so that the mine would explode in port, rather than on the open sea.
Shaul Meirov, who was in Switzerland, decided not to scrap the mission, ordered Pan Crescent פאן קרסצנט be repaired.
The hole from the explosion was temporarily blocked, and Pan Crescent פאן קרסצנט was towed the shipyard where it was properly repaired.
Shaul Meirov cites another attempt to sabotage was made when “..a mysterious fire caught on the motor room which was hardly extinguished.”

Military Action   Operation Valuable/Fiend  



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