Pontecorvo, Angelo ben Avraham (Abramo)

Birth Name Pontecorvo, Angelo ben Avraham (Abramo)
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1869 Roma, Lazio, Italia  


Event Note

After the death of Pellegrino Pontecorvo, management of the factory passed to his sons, Angelo and Giacomo Pontecorvo, which they maintained the business until the Wall Street Crash in the autumn 1930.



Father Pontecorvo, Pellegrino Pelegrino Abramo
Mother Tagliacozzo, Giuditta
  1. Pontecorvo, Ermelinda Ermalinda bat Avraham (Abramo)
  2. Pontecorvo, Giacomo ben Avraham (Abramo)
  3. Pontecorvo, Olga bat Avraham (Abramo)
  4. Pontecorvo, Massimo Davide ben Avraham (Abramo)
  5. Pontecorvo, Alfonsa bat Avraham (Abramo)
  6. Pontecorvo, Elena bat Avraham (Abramo)
  7. Pontecorvo, Attilio ben Avraham (Abramo)
  8. Pontecorvo, Tullio ben Avraham (Abramo)
  9. Pontecorvo, Clara bat Avraham (Abramo)


  1. Pontecorvo, Pellegrino Pelegrino Abramo
    1. Tagliacozzo, Giuditta
      1. Pontecorvo, Angelo ben Avraham (Abramo)
      2. Pontecorvo, Ermelinda Ermalinda bat Avraham (Abramo)
      3. Pontecorvo, Giacomo ben Avraham (Abramo)
      4. Pontecorvo, Olga bat Avraham (Abramo)
      5. Pontecorvo, Massimo Davide ben Avraham (Abramo)
      6. Pontecorvo, Alfonsa bat Avraham (Abramo)
      7. Pontecorvo, Elena bat Avraham (Abramo)
      8. Pontecorvo, Attilio ben Avraham (Abramo)
      9. Pontecorvo, Tullio ben Avraham (Abramo)
      10. Pontecorvo, Clara bat Avraham (Abramo)