Reiser, Peter Hans Jacob

Birth Name Reiser, Peter Hans Jacob
Call Name Peter
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth April 4, 1922 Praha Prague, Česko  

Boat May 29, 1939 פרוסולה see Aeghios Nicolaos Prosola SS Frossoula Frosula Peter and Stefan Reiser sailed from Sulina to Beirut

Boat   טייגר הייל SS Thrace Thraki Θράκη Eustratios Ευστράτιος Kypros Zeinikos Tiger Hill Peter and Stefan Reiser completed their journey to Palestine

Military Service March, 1942 British Army, Her Majesty’s Armed Forces, Ministry of Defence MoD Peter and Stefan Reiser enlisted in the Port Operating Company of the Royal Engineers

Event Note

Peter and Stefan Reiser, after basic training, were stationed in different ports in Libya ليبيا.

Marriage January, 1949   Peter Reiser married Rita Klahr

Military Service 1948 חיל הים הישראלי Israeli Navy, צה"ל Peter Reiser was drafted

Event Note

Peter Reiser served as Chief Fuel Supply Officer, whose main task was to find fuel for the Israeli Navy חיל הים הישראלי‎.



Father Reiser, Richard
Mother Brandl, Minnie
  1. Reiser, Stefan David


Married Wife Klahr Klar, Rivka Rita bat Avraham (Abraham)



  1. Reiser, Richard
    1. Brandl, Minnie
      1. Reiser, Peter Hans Jacob
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        2. ', ['', u'Klahr Klar, Rivka Rita bat Avraham (Abraham)', ''], '
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      2. Reiser, Stefan David