Szteinsznaider, Lazare

Birth Name Szteinsznaider, Lazare
Also Known As Enault, Lazare
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth February 12, 1927 Paris, Île-de-France, France  

Transport   Réseau Marcel Marcel Network  

Event Note

Lazare Szteinsznaider was placed in l'Institut Don Bosco, in Nice, and then Séranon.

Transport May 15, 1944 Convoy 73 Lazare Szteinsznaider turned in by an informant at Séranon, and deported, at age 17 years



Father Szteinsznaider, Icko Szepsel
Mother Waissman, Olga
  1. Szteinsznaider, Eva
  2. Szteinsznaider, Dolly
  3. Szteinsznaider, Joseph


  1. Szteinsznaider, Icko Szepsel
    1. Waissman, Olga
      1. Szteinsznaider, Lazare
      2. Szteinsznaider, Eva
      3. Szteinsznaider, Dolly
      4. Szteinsznaider, Joseph