Ben Yehuda, Raphael

Birth Name Ben Yehuda, Raphael
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth   Wien Vienna, Österreich  

Boat June, 1938 ארטימיסיה ארטימיזיה Kalmia Artemisia Ἀρτεμῑσίᾱ Artemisia Ἀρτεμῑσίᾱ ארטימיסיה sailed from Piraeus for Tantura

Place Note

In June, 1938, Artemisia Ἀρτεμῑσίᾱ ארטמיזיה sailed from Pireaus Πειραιάς on her fourth voyage, organized by Revisionists, carrying 386 passengers.
Raphael Ben Yehuda cites: "The sailors, who were Spanish communists and veterans of the civil war, looked upon us as fascists."
This was the first transport organized by William Perl in Wien.

Event Note

Asher Ben Natan cites: "On June 6, 1938, I bade farewell to my parents and my sister, and set out on my journey...Our group, which numbered 40 members, joined with a group of hundreds of Jews, most of whom were members of Betar, and some were ultra-orthodox adults from Burgenland. After a train journey via Yugoslavia, which lasted almost 24 hours, we reached Pireaus. In Piraeus, waiting to sail, we were kept in a camp...We sailed after two weeks had elapsed, about 400 of us Jews on a decrepit Greek boat showing a Panamanian flag. The ship was crowded and filthy, and our food consisted only of dry rusks, sardines and olives, but we were young and our spirits were high."
"We were dropped off at Tantura, near Zichron Yaakov, about 30 meters from the beach, which we traversed on foot...We saw that some young men were galloping on horses along the coast. Later we found out that these were Etzel people, whose task was to ensure our safety. We were brought by bus to Tel Aviv and dropped off in the center of the city."

Event Note

Asher Ben Natan cites: "As we neared the coast of Palestine, Moshe Krivshin, who called himself Moshe Galili, took over command of the ship and sported an impressive uniform of an entirely fictitious Italian admiral."

Event Note

In June, 1938, Raphael Ben Yehuda sailed on Artemisia, from Piraeus to Tantura.



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