Davies, Ray 'Taff'

Birth Name Davies, Ray 'Taff'
Also Known As Davies, 'Taff'
Call Name 'Taff'
Call Name 'Taff'
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources

Boat 1941 HMS Cossack (LO3), Royal Navy Ray 'Taff' Davies served as an Ordinary Seaman aboard the destroyer when she was sunk by a German U-Boat

Event Note

Ray 'Taff' Davies was one of 58 survivors out of HMS Cossack's complement of 240.
He spent 6 hours in the water before being picked up by HMS Legion, Commanding
Officer, Lt. Commander Jessel.

Military Service 1944 HMS Talybont (L18), Royal Navy Ray 'Taff' Davies served 2 1/2 years on Palestine Patrols

Military Action   Operation Neptune, D Day (1944), World War II  

Event Note

Ray 'Taff' Davies served aboard HMS Emerald, which pent 10 days during Operation Neptune at Sword and Juno beacheads, where she was attacked by a German bomber, which dropped 5 bombs, 2 to port and 2 to starboard, buckling the port and starboard plates, while the fifth bomb landed on a gun deck and did not explode.

Honor     Ray 'Taffy' Davies was awarded the Arctic Emblem for his service through Arctic seas, in sub-zero



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