Lazarovsky, Joseph Yosef

Birth Name Lazarovsky, Joseph Yosef
Birth Name طويل‎, يوسف‎

    Yosef Lazarovsky studied at the American University of Beirut لجامعة الأميركية في بيروت‎, under the assumed name, Yusuf Tawil.

Also Known As Matlar, سليم إسماعيل

    Yosef Lazarovsky assumed the ID of Salim Ismail Matlar, a soldier in the British Army, and accompanied Captain Hammond to Aleppo حلب‎, northern Syria, to establish contact with British Army intelligence units in Cairo القاهرة‎, Beirut بيروت‎ and Tripoli طرابلس, and the other by order of Yigal Alon, to establish contact in Beirut بيروت‎, Haifa חיפה and elsewhere, to help Maapilim using the route from Turkey through Aleppo حلب to Palestine.

Call Name Yosef
Call Name يوسف‎
Call Name سليم إسماعيل
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1923 חברון Hevron الخلي  

Event Note

Yosef Lazarovsky was saved from the Hevron Riots of 1929, in which his father, 3 year
old sister, grandfather and his uncle were murdered

Military Service 1937 הגנה Haganah Yosef Lazarofsky went in to communications

Event Note

Yosef Lazarovsky attended several courses, and went to the unit for special duties in the Intelligence Department.

Event Note

In 1941, Yosef Lazarovsky joined the Marine Company.

Event Note

Yosef Lazarovsky attended an Advanced Signaling Course, runwith the cooperation, and under the tutelage of the British.

Military Service 1946 פלמ"ח פלוגות מחץ Palmach, הגנה  

Event Note

Joseph Lazarovsky served in Gidonim and in the Syrian Unit

Military Service 1946 מוסד לעלייה ב' Mossad leAliyah Bet  

Event Note

In the spring of 1947, Mossad leAliyah Bet set up an Intelligence Unit to discover leaks in the network, and to prevent information
from being leaked to the British, and Yosef Lavarovsky was put in charge of the activity in northern Italy.

Military Service   פלי“ם Palyam פלוגת הים‎, פלמ”ח, הגנה Yosef Lazarovsky became a Gidoni, Wireless Radio Operator, of Mossad leAlyah Bet

Boat   הנרייטה סולד Arites Salas Aric Saiam Ariete Salom Henrietta Szold  

Event Note

Yosef Lazarovsky boarded a ship in Haifa חיפה, with no papers, but did have a belt that contained gold coins to be delivered to Yanni Avidov, chief of Mossad le Aliyah Bet in Greece.
When the boat arrived at Piraeus Πειραιάς, Benyamin Yerushalmi came aboard, and when he got off the boat, Yosef Lazarovsky followed him to the house Mossad leAliyah Bet used in Athens Αθήνα.

Event Note

In Athens Αθήνα, Yosef Lazarovsky helped Gidoni גדעוני, Avraham Lichovsky assemble the wireless radio transmitter for Shmuel 'Samek' Yanai and Aryeh Kippy Kaplan, for their next vessel.

Camp   Καράολος Gazimagusa Karakol Karaolos Internment Camps 55-62, Mağusa bölgesi, Κύπρος Kıbrıs  

Event Note

Yosef Lazarovsky arrived at Karaolos Καράολος, and the knapsack containing explosives was discovered by the British, but the transmitter arrived in good condition, and was later used by Mossad leAliyah Bet people.

Boat   HMT Empire Rival אמפייר רייוול, Royal Navy  

Event Note

Yaakov Dori told Yosef Lazarovsky to resist British attempts to transport the Maapilim, and gave him cans of milk for the children being transferred aboard HMS Empire Rival, and one of these cans was filled with explosives to blow up the ship by going onto it first.
When the children were brought aboard HMS Empire Rival first, so it was decided to cancel the operation.



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