Lehmann, Erwin ben (Louis)

Birth Name Lehmann, Erwin ben (Louis)
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth   Крылово Nordenburg, Правдинский район, Калининградская область, Северо-западный федеральный окру, Россия  

Transport January, 1930 Kindertransport Children’s Transport  

Event Note

In January, 1939, Erwin Lehmann arrived in England via Kindertransport, and lived in Glasgow until he was interned as an Enemy Alien.

Military Service 1940    

Event Note

In 1940, Erwin Lehmann joined the Pioneer Corps.
He later transferred to the Intelligence Corps 6th Airborne Division.



Father Lehmann, Louis


  1. Lehmann, Louis
    1. Lehmann, Erwin ben (Louis)