Gastfreund Gast, Polek Paul ben Shlomo (Szlama)

Birth Name Gastfreund Gast, Polek Paul ben Shlomo (Szlama)
Call Name Polek
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth November 16, 1929 Łódź, województwo Łódzkie, Polska  

Camp 1940 Gettem Łódzkim Ghetto Litzmannstadt, Łódź, Polska Polek Gastfreund and his parents were forced into the Ghetto

Transport August, 1944 Auschwitz Konzentrationslager, Oświęcim, powiat Oświęcimski, województwo Małopolskie, Polska Polek and his mother were transported from the Łódź Ghetto

Camp 1944    

Event Note

Polek Gastfreund was interned in Auschwitz for two or three months before being transferred to Braunschweig, where he was put to work at the Büssing Werke trucking factory.
From there he was sent to Watenstedt, and later to Ravensbrück and Wöbbelin.
On May 2, 1945, Polek Gastfreund, age of 16 years, was liberated in Wöbbelin.

Transport August 14, 1945 The Boys, Committee for the Care of Children from Camps The first Orphans Transport arrived on Lancaster bombers from Theresienstadt via Prague

Event Note

Polek Gastfreund decided to go to Palestine, and proceeded to Prague where he learned that England had agreed to admit a large group of child survivors and that such a group was forming in Theresienstadt, so Polek proceeded to Theresienstadt, where he joined the first group of Jewish orphans leaving for England.



    1. Gastfreund Gast, Polek Paul ben Shlomo (Szlama)