Guttmann, Matyas

Birth Name Guttmann, Matyas

    Guttmann גוטמן is a Jewish-German family name, which means Good Man איש טוב.

Gender male
Age at Death unknown


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources

Marriage     Matyas Guttmann married Sabina Serena Grunvald

Occupation   Erdőbénye, Tokaji kistérség, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén megye, Magyarország Matyas Guttmann was a baker by trade and owned and ran a shop in the village

Military Service 1916   Matyas Guttmann, age 18 years, was conscripted into the Hungarian Army to fight in World War I

Event Note

Matyas Guttmann fought first on the Eastern front, then on the Italian front, and was twice wounded.

Event Note

Matyas Guttmann escaped from the Military Work Service into which all military aged Jewish-men were conscripted, and joined the Jewish armed resistance in Budapest.

Death 1944 Budapest, Közép-Magyarország, Magyarország Matyas Guttmann was shot fighting the Nazis, and it is presumed that he later died from his wound



Father Guttmann, Adolf


Married Wife Grunvald, Sabina Serena
  1. גלילי Guttmann Galili, Moshe Andor 'Bandi'
  2. Guttmann, Kato
  3. Guttmann, Lea



  1. Guttmann, Adolf
    1. Guttmann, Matyas
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