Cohn, Jakob

Birth Name Cohn, Jakob
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth   Hamburg, Deutschland  

Event Note

Both Paul Cohn's parents were born in Hamburg, as were three of his grandparents.
Previous generations of his family came from Hamburg, Leipzig, Berlin, Greiffenberg, and so far as he could trace, always lived in Germany.

Marriage   Hamburg, Deutschland Jakob Cohn married Julia

Military Service     Jakob Cohn fought at the front in the First World War, was wounded many times, and was awarded the Iron Cross

Occupation   Hamburg, Deutschland Jakob Cohn owned an import business

Camp November 10, 1938 Sachsenhausen Konzentrationslager, Oranienburg, Deutschland Jakob Cohn was arrested by the police and imprisoned

Transport December 6, 1941 Riga, Latvia Jakob and Julia Cohn were trnsported from Hamburg



Married Wife , Julia
  1. Cohn, Paul M. ben Yaacov (Jakob)


    1. Cohn, Jakob
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