Brienitzer, Stefan

Birth Name Brienitzer, Stefan
Also Known As Brent, Stephen
Call Name Stephen
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1929    

Transport   Kindertransport Children’s Transport  

Event Note

In July 1939, Stefan Brienitzer's mother took him to the station and gave him a suitcase filled with clothes and food.
Stefan Brienitzer escaped Nazi Germany, travelled by ferry to Harwich, and then to Edinburgh.
He never saw her again.
Stefan cites, "When I arrived I was met by Tom McGregor. I couldn't speak English and he couldn't speak German. I phoned home but I was so upset I threw up. I only ever spoke to my parents once more."

Adopted     Stefan Brienitzer was adopted by a family friend, Tom McGregor, in Portobello

Education     Stephen Brent (Stefan Brienitzer) attended Portobello Junior School and won a place at George Heriot's

Death     Stephen Bretn (Stefan Brienitzer) married Angela



Father Brienitzer, Gunther
Mother , Ella
  1. Brienitzer, Hanna


  1. Brienitzer, Gunther
    1. , Ella
      1. Brienitzer, Hanna
      2. Brienitzer, Stefan