Lichtenfeld, Samuel

Birth Name Lichtenfeld, Samuel
Gender male


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Occupation   Bratislava, okres Bratislava, Bratislavský kraj, Slovensko Samuel Lichtenfeld, a police officer and a chief detective, taught lessons in self-defence

Event Note

Samuel Lichtenfeld , age 13 years, joined a travelling circus, and for 20 years, he engaged in wrestling, weightlifting, and various demonstrations of strength.
After leaving the circus, Samuel Lichtenfeld moved to Bratislava Presburg, and opened the city’s first modern gym, which he called 'Hercules'.

Event Note

Samuel Lichtenfeld joined the Bratislava Presburg municipal police department, where he rose to the position of Detective In Charge.
While a detective, he trained his men in self-defense and ways to overcome violent assaults



Unknown Partner
  1. ליכטנפלד Sde'Or Lichtenfeld שדאור, Imrich Imre 'Imi' ben Shmuel (Samuel)


    1. Lichtenfeld, Samuel
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