Taller, Morton ben Yaacov (Jacob)

Birth Name Taller, Morton ben Yaacov (Jacob)
Gender male
Age at Death 91 years, 5 months, 28 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1919 Ellenville, Town of Wawarsing, Ulster County, New York, United States of America  

Education   Devonshire Community Public School, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada  

Education   Glebe Collegiate Institute, Glebe, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada  

Military Service   Royal Canadian Air Force RCAF Aviation royale du Canada, Department of National Defence DND Morton Taller volunteered in World War II

Event Note

Morton Taller served in the ground crew of 408 Squadron, where he drove a truck and supplied gas to Halifax and Lancaster Bombers at various English airfields.

Event Note

In December, 1944, Morton Taller was repatriated to Canada, and was demobilization in Victoriaville, in February, 1945.

Boat December, 1941 SS Cuba Morton Taller sailed to Liverpool

Occupation   Albert’s Meat Market, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Morton Taller, along with his brother Archie Taller, and brother-in-law Morris Saslove operated a Meat market

Marriage 1951 Ottawa, National Capital Region, Ontario, Canada Morton Taller married Sally Landau

Death June 29, 2010 The Ottawa Hospital L’Hôpital d’Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Morton Taller died at age 90 years



Father Taller Tallifsky, Jacob
Mother , Ethyl
  1. Taller, Samuel ben Yaacov (Jacob)
  2. Taller, Archie ben Yaacov (Jacob)
  3. Taller, Moses ben Yaacov (Jacob)
  4. Taller, Edith bat Yaacov (Jacob)
  5. Taller, Elizabeth bat Yaacov (Jacob)
  6. Taller, Fay bat Yaacov (Jacob)
  7. Taller, Ann bat Yaacov (Jacob)
  8. Taller, Eva bat Yaacov (Jacob)
  9. Taller, Norman ben Yaacov (Jacob)


  1. Taller Tallifsky, Jacob
    1. , Ethyl
      1. Taller, Samuel ben Yaacov (Jacob)
      2. Taller, Morton ben Yaacov (Jacob)
      3. Taller, Archie ben Yaacov (Jacob)
      4. Taller, Moses ben Yaacov (Jacob)
      5. Taller, Edith bat Yaacov (Jacob)
      6. Taller, Elizabeth bat Yaacov (Jacob)
      7. Taller, Fay bat Yaacov (Jacob)
      8. Taller, Ann bat Yaacov (Jacob)
      9. Taller, Eva bat Yaacov (Jacob)
      10. Taller, Norman ben Yaacov (Jacob)