Morrison, Herbert Stanley Baron Morrison of Lambeth, CH, PC

Birth Name Morrison, Herbert Stanley Baron Morrison of Lambeth, CH, PC
Call Name Herbert
Gender male
Age at Death 77 years, 2 months, 3 days


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Birth January 3, 1888   Herbert Stanley Morrison was born in Lambeth, he son of a police constable

Occupation     Herbert Morrison eventually was a leader in the London Labour Party

Event Note

In 1919, Herbert Stanley Morrison was elected to the Metropolitan Borough of Hackney, when the Labour Party won control of the Borough, and he was Mayor in 1920-21.
His rebuilding of the London Labour Party, during the interwar years, was consciously modelled on the organizational success of the German Social Democratic Party, which Herbert Morrison knew and admired from several visits before and after the First World War.

Event Note

In the 1923 general election,Herbert Stanley Morrison became Member of Parliament for Hackney South,
The following year, he lost that seat when Ramsay MacDonald's first administration lost the general election.

Event Note

In October, 1940, Herbert Stanley Morrison was appointed the first Minister of Supply by Winston Churchill,
Shortly afterwards, he succeeded Sir John Anderson as Home Secretary.

Event Note

After Ernest Bevin's resignation as Foreign Secretary, Herbert Stanley Morrison took over the position.
His tenure there was cut short by Labour's defeat in the 1951 general election.

Event Note

On October 28, 1942, William Temple led a delegation of Members of Parliament to a meeting with Home Secretary, Herbert Stanley Morrison, to plead for government intervention for a group of Jewish refugee children in Vichy France.
Tom Lawson cites Herbert Morrsion as having refused William Temple's plea, citing legal and administrative difficulties which Temple described as sa 'trifling to be almost profane'.

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Herbert Morrison in Germany

Honor 1959   Herbert Stanley Morrison was made a life peer, as Baron Morrison of Lambeth

Death March 6, 1965    



Unknown Partner
  1. Morrison, Mary


In July 1946, Herbert Stanley Morrison and US ambassador, Henry F. Grady proposed the Morrison Grady Plan, a solution to the Palestine problem, calling for federalization under overall British trusteeship.
The plan was rejected by both Arabs and Jews.

Source References

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