Brunelli, Ida

Birth Name Brunelli, Ida [1]
Married Name Lenti, Ida
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth   Monselice, provincia di Padova, Veneto, Italia  

Occupation   Castiglion Fiorentino, provincia di Arezzo. Toscana, Italia Ida Brunelli, age 15 years, was housekeeper, and baby sitter for Yuzzi Galambos' three children

Event Note

Yuzzi Galambos lived with her three children in Castiglion Fiorentino, where they had rented a flat in an isolated farm-house, with no running water, and she worked as a translator and gave private lessons in German.
She hired a young girl, Ida Brunelli, as housekeeper and baby sitter, to live with the family and watch her three children.

Event Note

In 1943, when the Germans occupied Italy, Yuzzi Galambos became gravely ill with a heart condition.
She pleaded with Ida Brunelli, the baby sitter, to take care of the children, aged 9, 12 and 13, and revealed that they were Jewish, givingher the family documents.
Yuzzi Galambos died ar age32 years, and members of the Wehrmacht gave her a proper Christian burial.
After her death, Ida Brunelli took the three children to her mother, Maddalena, in Monselice.

Residence   Monselice, provincia di Padova, Veneto, Italia Ida Brunelli took the three Toth children to her mother's home

Event Note

Ida Brunelli took Sandro, Fiorenza and Lisetta Toth to her mother, in Monselice, where they were introduced as Hungarian refugees, and no one knew they were Jewish. cites: German soldiers, who knew the children's Jewish background, helped them with food and drove them to Ida' mother's, in Monselice.
Ida sought help from the mayor, who helped her find refuge for the three children in Christian institutions near Padua, and Ida acted as their sole guardian. cites: With the help of generous people like the Silvia Vincenzina Turolla, Don Aldo Pesavento, Doctor Marcello Minorello and Archbishop Luigi Gnata, the children were given refuge in Noventa Padovana in the Sant Anthony Orphanage Orfanotrofio Sant’Antonio, run by the Frati del Santo di Padova.

Event Note

After the war, Ida Brunelli contacted the Jewish Brigade, who were looking for hidden Jewish orphans in Italy. cites: Yuzzi Galambos' brother, Pauli Galamos Yanai, who lived in Palestine, had asked the soldiers of the Jewish Brigade to check on his sister and her children.
Shlomo Sever Rovitz, who spent some time with the children, verifying Ida’s story, cites: In June, 1945, "18-year-old Ida appeared with three children in the military camp in Santa Colomba, near Siena."

Event Note

To make sure the three children were safely on board the ship leaving from Napoli, Ida Brunelli, for a whole month, travelled with them from camp to camp until she was certain they were in good hands.


Honor February 24, 1993   Ida Brunelli Lenti was recognized by Yad vaShem as a Righteous Gentile

Event Note

In 1998, Ida Brunelli Lenti visited Israel as part of a delegation of 50 Righteous Among the Nations invited to the celebrations marking the fiftieth anniversary of the State of Israel.



Mother Brunelli, Maddalena


Testimony of Righteous Among the Nations Ida Brunelli-Lenti from Italy

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