Korczak Korchak, Rozka Ruzka Reizl Reizel bat Gedaliah

Birth Name Korczak Korchak, Rozka Ruzka Reizl Reizel bat Gedaliah
Call Name Rozka
Gender female
Age at Death unknown


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth April, 1921 Bielsko, Śląsk Cieszyński, Polska  

Membership   השומר הצעיר ‎haShomer haTzair  

Event Note

In November, 1939, Rozka Korczak met Tosia Altman, who informed her about the gathering of movement members in Vilna (Vilnius).
Rozka Korczak became an instructor and a part of the leadership.

Event Note

On January 21, 1942, a Jewish combat organization, FPO (Fareynegte Partizaner Organizatsye United Partisan Organization), was established

Event Note

In September 1943, Rozka Korczak escaped from the Vilnius Ghetto through the sewage canals for the forests of Rudninkai, carrying the movement’s archives and Abba Kovner’s poems.

Event Note

On July 13, 1944, Vilnius was liberated, and Abba Kovner, Vitka Kempner and Rozka Korczak returned, together with several hundred survivors.

Event Note

In December 1944, Abba Kovner ordered Rozka Korczak and Dr. Shlomo Amarant to make their way to Romania.
In Bucaresti, the messengers of Hechalutz convinced her to leave for Palestine and tell her story to the Jewish public.

Residence 1934 Płock, województwo Mazowieckie, Polska Gedaliah Korczak and his family moved from Bielsko, because of the decline in their financial situation

Boat December, 1944 טאורוס Tari Tauris Taurus  

Event Note

Dina Porat cites Ruzka Korczak was ordered by Abba Kovner to steal across the border into Romania, where Yishuv emissaries sent to Palestine aboard Tari Taurus טאורוס.

Event Note

Bernard A. Cook cites Rozka Korczak arrived in Palestine on December 12, 1944, and was among the first eyewitnesses to report to the leaders of the Yishuv on the severity of the Holocaust.

Residence 1945 קיבוץ אילון חורש אילון kibbutz Eilon, מטה אשר‎, גליל מערבי, ישראל  

Event Note

In 1945, Rozka Korczak began her book of testimony, Flames in the Ashes.

Membership October, 1947 קיבוץ עין החורש kibbutz Ein haHoresh, עמק חפר, ישראל Abba Kovner, Rozka Korczak, Vitka Kempner and Chesia Rosenberg were accepted as members

Marriage     Avi Marla married Rozka Korczak

Membership 1963 מורשת: בית עדות ע"ש מרדכי אנילביץ חקר והוראת השואה Moreshet Mordechai Anielevich Memorial Holocaust Study and Research Center, גבעת חביבה, מנשה,  

Event Note

Abba Kovner and Rozka Korczak-Marla founded the Learning and Research Center of the Holocaust in Givat Haviva גבעת חביבה to promote Holocaust education.

Death March 5, 1988    



Father Korczak Korchak, Gedaliah
Mother , Hinda
  1. Korczak Korchak, Teibel bat Gedaliah
  2. Korczak Korchak, Rachel bat Gedaliah

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  1. Korczak Korchak, Gedaliah
    1. , Hinda
      1. Korczak Korchak, Rozka Ruzka Reizl Reizel bat Gedaliah
      2. Korczak Korchak, Teibel bat Gedaliah
      3. Korczak Korchak, Rachel bat Gedaliah