Havas, Anna Ilona

Birth Name Havas, Anna Ilona
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth June 22, 1910    

Marriage 1934   Béla Gondos married Anna Ilona Havas

Transport June 30, 1944 Kasztner train רכבת קסטנר Rudolph Kasztner Transports The Kasztner train departed the Eastern railway station, Budapest, for Bergen Belsen

Event Note

In June, 1944, the Gondos family was selected by the Jewish Rescue Committee to leave Hungary on the Kasztner Train.
On June 30, 1944, they departed from the Eastern railway station in Budapest, thinking they were bound for neutral Spain or Portugal.
They were transported to Bergen-Belsen, which was then largely a detention camp for persons designated for exchange with German nationals in Allied countries, where they were placed with the rest of the transport in the Ungarnlager,

Event Note

On June 30, 1944, Joel ben Chananya Yom Tov Lipa Teitelbaum departed from the Eastern railway station in Budapest,on Kasztner's Train.

Event Note

In December, 1944, the Gondos family was released, and taken to Switzerland with the assistance of the International Red Cross.

Boat 1946 SS Mathew O'Brien The Gondos family sailed from Genova to Gulf Port, Mississippi

Event Note

After the war, the Gondos family spent two years in Switzerland, partly in relocation camps

Death December, 1985    



Married Husband Gondos, Béla MD
  1. Gondos, Judit


Attribute/ Type Value Notes Sources
Social Security Number 229-34-6231

Attribute Note

State Where Number Was Issued: Virginia



    1. Havas, Anna Ilona
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