Ошурко Oshurko, Nikolaj Nikolai

Birth Name Ошурко Oshurko, Nikolaj Nikolai
Call Name Nikolaj
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources

Occupation   Юрково Yurkovo, Дерновичский, Ві́цебская во́бласць, Беларусь Nikolai Oshurko was a Baptist preacher

Honor 1988 יד ושם Holocaust Martyrs‘ and Heroes’ Remembrance Authority Yad vaShem, ירושלים, הרי יהודה, ישראל The Oshurko family was awarded the honor of Righteous Among the Nations

Event Note

Mordecai Paldiel cites: Nikolai Oshurlo provided shelter to Alexander Schwartzblat for eight months.
"For two months, he was ridden from strangers and only two families knew of his presence."
"He usually stayed in the in the hayloft and joined them for meals.
When winter settled in, he was allowed to sleep in the home..
Grandpa Nikolai once told Alexander: "My home is like the house of the patriarch Abraham. Whoever comes in hungry, leaves sated. You may bring me any Jew you meet. Everyone is invited to visit here."
"In the sprinf of 1943, Alexander finally left the Oshurko family for good when he moved to a partisan-controlled area."



    1. Ошурко Oshurko, Nikolaj Nikolai