Knobler, Szaja Aron 'Alex' ben Moshe (Moszek)

Birth Name Knobler, Szaja Aron 'Alex' ben Moshe (Moszek)
Call Name 'Alex'
Gender male
Age at Death 17 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1921 Będzin, Zagłębie Dąbrowskie, powiat Będziński, województwo Śląskie, Polska  

Death 1938 Bielsko, Śląsk Cieszyński, Polska Szaja Aron Knobler joined the Akiba hakhshara

Camp   Blechhammer Arbeitslager Blechhammer labor camp, Górny Śląsk, województwo Śląskie, Polska  

Event Note

In January, 1945, during the forced march out of the Blechhammer Arbeitslager labor camp, Szaja Aron Knobler ran away with two friends.
German guards shot and killed his friends, but Szaja escaped, posing as a Polish laborer

Boat March 17, 1946 תל חי Tel Hai אהובה Asya Ασια Asia Macedonia Μακεδονια Panormitis Πανορμιτης Zingara Τσιγγανα Ahuva  

Residence 1946    

Marriage July 30, 1947 Landsberg am Lech, landkreis Landsberg am Lech, Oberbayern, Bayern, Deutschland Szaja Aron Knobler married Pola Blicblum



Father Knobler, Moshe 'Moszek'
Mother , Jocheta
  1. Knobler, Ita bat Moshe (Moszek)
  2. Knobler, Esther bat Moshe (Moszek)
  3. Knobler, Leah bat Moshe (Moszek)


  1. Knobler, Moshe 'Moszek'
    1. , Jocheta
      1. Knobler, Szaja Aron 'Alex' ben Moshe (Moszek)
      2. Knobler, Ita bat Moshe (Moszek)
      3. Knobler, Esther bat Moshe (Moszek)
      4. Knobler, Leah bat Moshe (Moszek)