Sklar, Leonard 'Lenny' 'Lennie'

Birth Name Sklar, Leonard 'Lenny' 'Lennie'
Call Name 'Lenny'
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth     Leonard Sklar was born in Lithuania

Emigration     Leonard Sklar left Lithuania for the United States, by himself, with the aid of his uncle

Military Service 1940 United States Army, Department of Defence DoD Leonard Sklar served in England, France, Czechoslovakia and Germany

Event Note

When World War II ended, Lenny Sklar learned that all his family in Lithuania had been wiped out.

Military Service 1946 מח"ל מתנדבי חוץ לארץ ‎Machal Volunteers from Abroad Leonard Sklar volunteered because he wanted to help the survivors to leave the DP camps

Military Service   צה"ל צבא הגנה לישראל TzaHaL IDF Israel Defense Forces Leonard Sklar served as an artillery officer during the War of Independence

Marriage 1961 ירושלים Jerusalem, הרי יהודה, ישראל Leonard Sklar married Masha



    1. Sklar, Leonard 'Lenny' 'Lennie'