Hoffer, Anita

Birth Name Hoffer, Anita
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth June 6, 1933 Berlin, Metropolregion Berlin/Brandenburg, Brandenburg, Deutschland  

Event Note

Anita Hoffer's parents divorced when she was three, and Anita and her mother went to live with her grandparents.

Transport July, 1939 Kindertransport Children’s Transport Anita Hoffer was put on the train in Berlin

Event Note

Anita Hoffer cites: "When we got off the train I started talking to the other children and said, ‘What are we doing?' And they said, ‘We are going to England to be safe there,'" she said. "We took a ferry, got to London, got put in groups — I think according to our number."

Event Note

In England, Anita Hoffer lived with a Russian family for several months, and was beaten up by the English kids until she got rid of her German accent.

Event Note

Anita Hoffer's mother arrived in England and got a job as a housekeeper but was fired, at which point, her mother placed her in an orphanage.

Boat November, 1941   Anita Hoffer's mother got visas and they sailed to the United States

Event Note

Anita Hoffer cites: “We were on the last ship leaving London, and this was in November just before Pearl Harbor. I was lucky in every possible way.”

Event Note

When Anita Hoffer and her mother landed in the United State, her mother was unable to care for her, so Anita went to live with her grandparents, who lived on a chicken farmers in Vineland, New Jersey having gotten help from the Hebrew Immigrant Assistance Society,

Membership     Anita Hoffer heads the Kindertransport Association, Forida chapter



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