Braker, Yair

Birth Name Braker, Yair
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources

Military Service   פלי“ם Palyam פלוגת הים‎, פלמ”ח, הגנה  

Boat November 5, 1947 פטר א‘ ב’ Pietro-Alberta Peter עליה Aliyah אלברטינה Alberta Albertina Aliyah עליה sailed from the Bay of Bandol

Place Note

On November 5, 1947, Aliyah 'עליה sailed from Bandol, carrying 182 passengers. cites: "the Ma’apilim of “Aliya” stole away from the port secretly, during the night, and were taken on board by rubber boats, which plied between vessel and shore with the aid of a cable that the Ma’apilim pulled."
Yair Braker served as Palyam Commander aboard Aliyah 'עליה.
Batya and Meir Reines served as Gidonim, wireless radio operators, aboard Aliyah 'עליה.

Event Note

On November 15, 1947, when Aliyah was close to Lebanese waters, the captain was told to try to beach her on the shore of Nahariyah נהריה.

Place Note

Tvi Ben-Tzur cites: "Despite a British scout plane hovering in that area and destroyers in the water, the captain succeeded in beaching the vessel. The Ma’apilim were swiftly debarked and put into several waiting buses, which scattered them among the settlements of the surrounding area."
On November 16, 1947, the British found a small motor vessel, Albertina Aliyah 'פטר ב Pietro, stranded and deserted off Nahariyah נהריה.
Tvi Ben-Tzur cites: "This vessel (Albertina Aliyah 'פטר Pietro) continued to bring Ma’apilim to Palestine in subsequent voyages, bearing the name “Peter II” and later – “Aliya” and also participated in instances where two vessels collaborated, under the name “Albertina”."
Paul H. Silverstone's Aliyah Bet Project cites: "Passengers were specially picked youths who quickly disembarked and disappeared."
The British concluded that she had successfully landed her passengers, estimated to number 150, which they consequently subtracted that amount from the monthly quota.



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