Kahn, Madeleine

Birth Name Kahn, Madeleine [1a]
Married Name Dreyfus, Madeleine
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1909    

Graduation 1927   Madeleine Kahn earned her baccalaureate in Paris

Event Note

Madeleine Dreyfus studied Psychology with Sophie Lazarfeld, a student and disciple of Alfred Adler.

Marriage March, 1933   Raymond Dreyfus married Madeleine Kahn

Event Note

In October, 1941, Raymond Dreyfus lost his job in Paris because of the Vichy anti-Semitic laws.
The family moved into the unoccupied zone and settled in Lyon.

Membership 1941 Œuvre de secours aux enfants OSE Madeleine Dreyfus began working as a psychologist

Event Note

In August, 1942, when Jewish children were rounded up in the unoccupied south of France, Madeleine Dreyfus assumed responsibility for the Lyon/Le Chambon-sur-Lignon link in Lili-Elise Garel's network, and sought refuge in this mostly Protestant countryside for her Jewish children.
Madeleine Dreyfus accompanied small groups of children (aged anywhere from eighteen months to sixteen years) several times a month, taking the train from Lyon to Saint-Etienne, where she transferred to the local steam engine to Le Chambon-sur-Lignon. The children had been given to her by their parents., or they had managed to escape at the time of their parents' arrest.
Iin almost all cases the children had false Aryan identity papers, but she did not.

Event Note

On November 23, 1943, Madeleine Dreyfus learned that the Gestapo were planning to raid the the institution for deaf people in Villeurbanne.
She hurried to rescue a Jewish child staying there, but the Germans had preceded her and she was arrested.
At this time she was nursing her two-month-old daughter Annette.
She used a ruse to warn her family to flee their apartment and go into hiding immediately.

Camp   Bergen-Belsen Konzentrationslager, Bergen, landkreis Celle, Niedersachsen, Deutschland  

Event Note

In May 1945, Madeleine Dreyfus was liberated from Bergen-Belsen.

Honor 1947   Madeleine Dreyfus was awarded the Médaille de la Resistance

Occupation     Madeleine Dreyfus worked as a psychologist at OSE, and in private practice

Event Note

In 1963, Madeleine Dreyfus was among the founders of l'Institut de formation et d’études psychosociologiques et pédagogiques (IFEPP).



Married Husband Dreyfus, Raymond
  1. Dreyfus, Michel
  2. Dreyfus, Jacques
  3. Dreyfus, Annette


Source References

  1. We Only Know Men, The Rescue of Jews in France during the Holocaust
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