Zuckerman Cukierman, Yitzchak Yitzhak Itzhik 'Antek'

Birth Name Zuckerman Cukierman, Yitzchak Yitzhak Itzhik 'Antek'
Call Name 'Antek'
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth   Vilnius Vilna, Vilniaus apskritis, Lietuva  

Membership   השומר הצעיר ‎haShomer haTzair  

Place Note

Founded in 1913, in Galicia Galicja Галичина, haShomer haTzair השומר הצעיר‎, which means The Youth Guard, is a SocialistZionist youth movement, and was also the name of the group's political party in the Yishuv, which advocated a Binational solution in mandatory Palestine with equality between Arabs and Jews.
HaShomer haTzair השומר הצעיר was the result of a merger of two groups, haShomer השומר, a Zionist scouting group, and Ze'irei Zion Youth of Zion, an ideological circle that studied Zionism, socialism and Jewish history.
The movement was influenced by the ideas of Ber Borochov and Gustav Wyneken, as well as Lord Baden-Powell and the German Wandervogel movement.

Place Note

In 1927, the four kibbutzim founded by haShomer haTzair השומר הצעיר formed the Kibbutz Artzi federation.
The movement also formed a political party of the same name, haShomer haTzair, that advocated a binational solution in mandate Palestine, with equality between Arabs and Jews.
Many haShomer haTzair leaders made Aliyah before the war, and founded or joined kibbutz Evron, kibbutz Ein haChoresh, kibbutz Negba, kibbutz Eilon, kibbutz Galon, and others.

Place Note

In 1936, kibbutz-based political party, haShomer haTzair השומר הצעיר, launched an urban political party, the Socialist League of Palestine, the only Zionist political party within the Yishuv to accept Arab members as equals, support Arab rights, and call for a binational state in Palestine, to represent non-kibbutzniks.

Military Service   Żydowska Organizacja Bojowa ŻOB  

Membership   קיבוץ לוחמי הגטאות kibbutz Lohamei haGetaot, מטה אשר, הצפון, ישראל  



    1. Zuckerman Cukierman, Yitzchak Yitzhak Itzhik 'Antek'