Szternfeld, Yehuda

Birth Name Szternfeld, Yehuda
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1930 Łódź, województwo Łódzkie, Polska  

Event Note

In early 1940, the Szternfeld family was sent to the Lodz ghetto.

Event Note

Yehuda Szternfeld's brothers and father both perished.
in 1942, Yehuda's mother and sister were sent to Chelmno, and perished.

Event Note

Yehuda Szternfeld was sent to various camps.
In April, 1945, he was evacuated, in a train liberated by American forces.
He was the only surviving member of his family,.

Boat 1946    



Holocaust Remembered, by Yehuda Szternfeld of Łódź


    1. Szternfeld, Yehuda