Salton Saltzmann, George Lucjan Lucius

Birth Name Salton Saltzmann, George Lucjan Lucius
Call Name George
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth   Tyczyn, powiat Rzeszowski, wojew√≥dztwo Podkarpackie, Polska  

Camp     George Saltzmann Salton spent 3 years in 10 concentration camps

Event Note

On May 2, 1945, George Saltzmann Salton was liberated by 82nd Airborne.

Event Note

George Saltzmann Salton spent 2 years in German Displaced Person Camps.

Boat     George Saltzmann Salton immigrated to New York

Military Service   United States Army, Department of Defence DoD  

Education     George Saltzmann Salton earned his High School GED, his undergraduate degree in physics and a masters in engineering



Father Saltzmann, Hermann
Mother , Anna
  1. Saltzmann, Manek


  1. Saltzmann, Hermann
    1. , Anna
      1. Salton Saltzmann, George Lucjan Lucius
      2. Saltzmann, Manek