Muscovitz, Rifka

Birth Name Muscovitz, Rifka
Birth Name Glatz, Rifka
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1937 Debrecen, Debreceni kistérség, Hajdú-Bihar megye, Észak-Alföld, Magyarország  


Event Note

In the early 1940s, Rifka Muscovitz and her family moved to Cluj, in Northern Transylvania, annexed by Hungary from Romania.

Event Note

In 1944, Rifka Muscovitz and her family were forced to leave Cluj.
They were rounded up by Hungarian troops, and taken to a brick factory where they were held for a month.

Transport June, 1944   Rifka Muscovitz was transported to Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp

Camp June, 1944 Bergen-Belsen Konzentrationslager, Bergen, landkreis Celle, Niedersachsen, Deutschland  

Event Note

After eight months in Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp, Rifka Muscovitz transported to Switzerland.

Boat September, 1945   Rifka Muscovitz sailed for Palestine



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