Greenberg, Isak

Birth Name Greenberg, Isak
Gender male
Age at Death unknown


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources

Marriage     Isak Greenberg married Frances

Event Note

Isak Greenberg met Frances in a DP Camp, just before she sailed on Exodus 1947.
They parted ways because Frances, a Zionist, dreamed of going to Palestine, while Isak was going to the United States.
When Frances was sent back to Germany, Isak Greenberg came to see her, and this time she agreed to join him.

Emigration     Isak Greenberg, and his wife, Frances, left Germany to settle in the United States

Event Note

Isak and Frances Greenberg settled in Pittsburgh.

Boat     Isak Greenberg and wife, Frances, sailed to the United States

Death 2007    



Married Wife Greenberg, Frances


    1. Greenberg, Isak
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