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Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Adolf Abraham Luft, Magdalena 'Lina'  
Alfons Alphons Abraham March 9, 1865 November 22, 1942 Fröhlich, Edith Jonas, Adolf Abraham Luft, Magdalena 'Lina'
Alfred Ludwig October 9, 1903 August 15, 1944 Jaekel, Hedwig Jonas, Adolf Abraham Luft, Magdalena 'Lina'
Anna     Jonas, Alfons Alphons Abraham ben Avraham (Abraham) Fröhlich, Edith
Benno     Jonas, Alfred Ludwig ben Avraham (Abraham) Jaekel, Hedwig
Georg   , Frieda  
Gerhard 'Gerd' January 2, 1928     Jonas, Georg , Frieda
Vera December 26, 1931     Jonas, Georg , Frieda