Ravensbrück Frauenkonzentrationslager, Ravensbrück, Landkreis Templin/Uckermark, Brandenburg, Deutschland

Latitude 53°11′20.4″N
Longitude 13°10′12″E
City Ravensbrück
County landkreis Templin/Uckermark
State/ Province Brandenburg
Country Deutschland


Konzentrationslager Ravensbrück
KZ Ravensbrück
Schutzhaftlager Ravensbrück
Frauen-Konzentrationslager Ravensbrück
Равенсбрюк концентрационный лагерь


KZ Ravensbrück was the only major Nazi concentration camp for women.
The camp, located about fifty miles north of Berlin, was the site of murder by slave labor, torture, starvation, shooting, lethal injection, medical experiments, and gassing.
The camp was originally designed to hold 5,000 women, but the actual figures were six times this number.


Between 1939 and 1945, 132,000 women from 23 countries were imprisoned in KZ Ravensbrück, including political prisoners, Jehovah’s Witnesses; asocials, which included Gypsies, prostitutes, and lesbians, criminals; and Jewish women, (who made up 20% of the population.
Of the 132,000, only 15,000 survived.


On April 30, 1945, when the Soviet Army liberated KZ Ravensbrück, they found only 3,000 extremely ill women in the camp; the Germans had sent other remaining women on a death march.

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