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1 Adversaries and facilitators: The unconventional diplomacy of illegal immigration to Palestine, 1945–48
2 Ahead of Time: The Extraordinary Journey of Ruth Gruber
3 A history of Greek-owned Shipping: the making of an international tramp fleet, 1830 to the present day
4 Aïzer Cherki, Récit d'une Vie
5 A Long Journey Home
6 Als sie nicht mehr deutsche sein durfen. Über die Kindertransporte nach England
7 American Jewry and the Holocaust: the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, 1939-1945
8 American volunteers in illegal immigration to Palestine, 1946–1948
9 Angel of Orphans: The Story of R'Yona Tiefenbrunner and the Hundreds He Saved
10 A Portrait of the Israeli Soldier
11 A Safe Haven, Harry S. Truman and the Founding of Israel
12 A Voice Called: Stories of Jewish Heroism
13 Battle for Budapest: one hundred days in World War II
14 BeNetivei Haapalah Computerized Database and Information Center for the “Illelgal” Immigration Saga
15 Blind jump: the story of Shaike Dan
16 Bracha Fuld ברכה פולד
17 Britain’s Naval and Political Reaction to the Illegal Immigration of Jews to Palestine, 1945-1948
18 British Intelligence and the Mandate of Palestine: Threats to British National Security Immediately After the Second World War
19 ‘Burning for the cause’: Lola Hahn-Warburg 1901-1989
20 Centurion Vs T-55: Yom Kippur War 1973
21 Churches and the Holocaust: unholy teaching, good samaritans, and reconciliation
22 Commander of the Exodus
23 Comrades and enemies: Arab and Jewish workers in Palestine, 1906-1948
24 Dead-End Journey: The Tragic Story of the Kladovo-Sabac Group
25 Death on the Black Sea: The Untold Story of the ‘Struma’ and World War II’s Holocaust at Sea
26 Deemed suspect: a wartime blunder
27 Desparate Mission
28 Diario di un fascista alla corte di Gerusalemme 1948-2002
29 Die israelischen FK-Schnellboote im Yom-Kippur-Krieg
30 Die Judendeportationen aus dem Deutschen Reich 1941-1945
31 Duel for the Golan: The 100-Hour Battle That Saved Israel
32 Emissary of the Doomed: Bargaining for Lives in the Holocaust
33 Escaping the Holocaust: Illegal Immigration to the Land of Israel, 1939-1944
34 Every Spy a Prince
35 Eyes of the Beholder
36 Eyewitness to Holocaust and Survival
37 Fleeing Europe
38 Flucht nach Palästina. Lebenswege Nürnberger Juden
39 Fragments of Memory From Kolin to Jerusalem
40 From Catastrophe to Power: Holocaust Survivors and the Emergence of Israel
41 From Ice-Breaker to Missile Boat: The Evolution of Israel’s Naval Strategy
42 Gedenkbuch Berlins der juedischen Opfer des Nazionalsozialismus
43 Gedenkbuch - Opfer der Verfolgung der Juden unter der nationalsozialistischen Gewaltherrschaft in Deutschland 1933-1945
44 Generation Exodus: The Fate of Young Jewish Refugees from Nazi Germany
45 Gentile Zionists: a study in Anglo-Zionist diplomacy, 1929-1939
46 Gertruda’s Oath: A Child, a Promise, and a Heroic Escape During World War II
47 Grauel: An Autobiography, As Told To Eleanor Elfenbein
48 Greek Righteous Gentiles in the Holocaust, A Renewed Look and Their Current State of Being Recognized
49 haMasa hayami shel mapile “Biriyah” 2.7.46-22.6.46 The Voyage of the Olim of the “Biria” June 22, 1946-July 2, 1946
50 Hatikvah Song of Hope
51 Haven
52 Haven: The Unknown Story of 1,000 World War II Refugees
53 History of the Italian Agricultural Landscape
54 History of the War of Independence: The first month
55 Holocaust historiography in context: emergence, challenges, polemics and achievements
56 Holocaust odysseys: the Jews of Saint-Martin-Vésubie and their flight
57 Honour
58 I Am My Brother’s Keeper: American Volunteers in Israel’s War of Independence
59 Il gioco dei regni, di Clara Sereni
60 Ilse, A Love Story Without a Happy Ending
61 Inside the gas chambers: eight months in the Sonderkommando of Auschwitz
62 In the shadow of the Holocaust: memoirs of a mission to Poland 1945 - 1946
63 In the Shadow of the Struggle
64 Into the Arms of Strangers: Stories of the Kindertransport
65 I ran Britain’s Palestine blockade
66 I Shall Not Die! A Personal Memoir
67 Israel at a crossroads
68 Israeli Holocaust drama
69 Israel’s Secret Wars: A History of Israel’s Intelligence Services
70 It Takes a Dream: The Story of Hadassah
71 Jabotinsky and the Revisionist Movement, 1925-1948
72 Jeckes erzählen: aus dem Leben deutschsprachiger Einwanderer in Israel
73 J‘éttais le capitaine de l’Exodus
74 Jews in Italy under Fascist and Nazi rule, 1922-1945
75 Joskos Kinder, Flucht und Alija durch Europa 1940-1943. Josef Indigs Bericht
76 Keeping house: a novel in recipes
77 Killing Kasztner, the Jew who Dealt with the Nazis
78 Krav Maga: How to Defend Yourself Against Physical Attack
79 L'Abbé Glasberg
80 Les camps de la honte : les internes Juifs des camps français : 1939-1944
81 Life Goes On Regardless...
82 List of Jews from Romania who perished on the illegal immigrants ship “Struma”, 24/02/1942
83 Lone Wolf: A Two-Volume Biography of Vladimir (Ze'ev) Jabotinsky
84 Major Farran’s hat: the untold story of the struggle to establish the Jewish state
85 Mark My Words! A Personal History
86 Mein Weg als Widerstandskämpferin
87 Memorial Book of the Community of Sarnaki ספר יזכור לקהילת סארנאקי
88 MI6: Inside the Covert World of her Majesty’s Secret Intelligence Service
89 Militant Zionism in America: the rise and impact of the Jabotinsky movement in the United States, 1926-1948
90 Missions with No Traces: Sixty Years of Israeli Underground National Security
91 Momentous century: personal and eyewitness accounts of the rise of the Jewish homeland and state, 1875-1978
92 My Childhood in the Holocaust
93 My Father’s House
94 My Mission In Israel 1948-1951
95 Mysterious Ways
96 Namentliche Erfassung der oesterreichischen Holocaustopfer
97 Naval lessons of the Yom Kippur War, from Military Aspects of the Israeli-Arab Conflict
98 Never Far Away: The Auschwitz Chronicles of Anna Heilman
99 No Way Back
100 Occupied territories: the untold story of Israel’s settlements
101 October Earthquake Yom Kippur 1973
102 Odyssey: The Last Great Escape from Nazi Dominated Europe
103 One of the Few, The Path of a Resistance Fighter and Educator, 1939-1947
104 One Step Ahead
105 On the Vistula Facing East
106 Open Secrets: Israeli Nuclear and Foreign Policies
107 Open the Gates!: A Personal Story of illegal Immigration to Israel
108 Operation Exodus: From the Nazi Death Camps to the Promised Land: A Perilous Journey That Shaped Israel’s Fate
109 Our Goal was Palestine: Experiences in a refugee ship
110 Out of Faith
111 Palestine and the Great Powers, 1945-1948
112 Palestine Gazette
113 Palestine Mission: A Personal Record
114 Prisoners of the home front: German POWs and “enemy aliens” in southern Quebec, 1940-46
115 Raffaele Cantoni
116 Raffaele Cantoni, un ebreo anticonformista
117 Refugees and Rescue: The Diaries and Papers of James G. McDonald, 1935-1945
118 Running the Palestine Blockade: The Last Voyage of the Paducah
119 Ruth’s Journey: A Survivor’s Memoir
120 Saving the Jews: amazing stories of men and women who defied the “final solution”
121 Survival
122 Sweet Lemons, Memories From An Internment Camp on Mauritius (1940-1945)
123 Terezinska Pametni Kniha/Theresienstaedter Gedenkbuch, Terezinska Iniciativa
124 Terror Out of Zion: The Fight for Israeli Independence
125 The Accidental Empire: Israel and the Birth of the Settlements, 1967-1977
126 The Audacity to Live
127 The birth of the Palestinian refugee problem revisited
128 The Boats of Cherbourg
129 The Brigade: and Epic Story of Vengeance, Salvation, and WW II
130 The Capitain Shall Return: The Story of Katriel Yaffe
131 The Church of England and the Holocaust: Christianity, memory and Nazism
132 The dispossessed: an anatomy of exile
133 The Dove Flyer
134 The Emissary, A life of Enzo Sereni
135 The Exodus affair: Holocaust survivors and the struggle for Palestine
136 The fall of a sparrow: the life and times of Abba Kovner
137 The Final Solution: Origins and Implementation
138 The Holocaust and Israel reborn: from catastrophe to sovereignty
139 The Holocaust: the fate of European Jewry, 1932-1945
140 The Jews in Mussolini’s Italy: From Equality to Persecution
141 The Jews' Secret Fleet: The Untold Story of North American Volunteers Who Smashed the British Blockade
142 The man who stopped the trains to Auschwitz: George Mantello, El Salvador, and Switzerland’s finest hour
143 The Mauritian shekel: the story of the Jewish detainees in Mauritius, 1940-1945
144 The Middle East: Crossroads of History
145 The Odyssey
146 The Partition of Palestine: Decision Crossroads in the Zionist Movement
147 The path of the righteous: gentile rescuers of Jews during the Holocaust
148 The Politics of Genocide: the Holocaust in Hungary
149 The Revolt: Story of the Irgun
150 The Rise and Fall of a Palestinian Dynasty; The Husaynis, 1700–1948
151 The Role of Greek Righteous Gentiles in the Rescue of Greek Jews in the Holocaust
152 The Royal Navy and the Palestine Patrol
153 The Supreme Muslim Council: Islam under the British mandate for Palestine
154 The Third Man: Life at the Heart of New Labour
155 The Transnistria affair and the rescue policy of the Zionist leadership in Palestine, 1942–1943
156 The Volunteer
157 The Watchman Fell Asleep: the surprise of Yom Kippur and its sources
158 The Yom Kippur War 1973: The Golan Heights and The Sinai
159 The Yom Kippur War: The Epic Encounter That Transformed the Middle East
160 Throw your Feet over your Shoulders Beyond the Kindertransport
161 Time to tell: an Israeli life, 1898-1984
162 To Jerusalem and Back: A Personal Account
163 Torn at the roots: the crisis of Jewish liberalism in postwar America
164 To Survive Sobibor
165 Umlegale: Yidn Shpaltn Yamen: di Geshikhte fun an Umlegale Rayze Keyn Erets-Yisroel “Illegal”: Jews Ply the Seas: The History of an Illegal Transport to Palestine)
166 Underground to Palestine
167 Un ebreo fra D'Annunzio e il sionismo: Raffaele Cantoni
168 Une Resistance Juive Grenoble 1943 - 1945
169 US Census 1930 (Fifteenth Census of the United States)
170 Vertreibung und Neubeginn
171 Waiting for Jerusalem: surviving the Holocaust in Romania
172 Walking Israel: A Personal Search for the Soul of a Nation
173 We Only Know Men, The Rescue of Jews in France during the Holocaust
174 With the Jewish Brigade
175 Years of Wrath, Days of Glory: Memoirs from the Irgun
176 y For Jerusalem: A Life
177 Yigal Allon, Native Son: A Biography (Jewish Culture and Contexts)
178 Yoash Tzidon
179 Zionism and anti-semitism in Nazi Germany
180 Żyd polski-żołnierz polski Polish Jew-Polish Soldier: 1939-45
181 אברהם זכאי, בן הארץ והים
182 איש השורה : סיפורו של צבי ברנר A Common Soldier: The Story of Zvi Brenner
183 ארוכה הדרך לחרות Long is the Path to Freedom: Chronicles of one of the Exiles
184 ביום בליל בערפל
185 בנתיבי ההעפלה והקליטה: 1950-1938
186 דיוקנו של רב-חובל עברי (אליעזר חודורוב)
187 הקומנדו הימי אליו וממנו
188 השליח: חייו ומותו של אנצו סרני
189 השערים פתוחים The Gates are Open, Collection of Memories of Clandestine Immigration 1945-1948
190 חץ בערפל Arrows in the Dark: David Ben-Gurion, the Yishuv Leadership and Rescue Attempts during the Holocaust
191 ילדי הצל Children of the Shadow
192 לקט סיפורים מפי אנשי הפלי"ם
193 מבצעי חיל הים במלחמת הקוממיות Naval Operations During the War of Independence
194 מוסד של איש אחד - ראובן שילוח: אבי המודיעין הישראלי Reuven Shiloah – the Man Behind the Mossad; Secret Diplomacy in the Creation of Israel
195 מעבר לגשמי : פרשת חייו של אבא קובנר
196 נתיבים נעלמים :‏ ‏עם ההעפלה במחתרת, במדבר ובים
197 עלום ונוכח בכל: סיפור חייו של שאול אביגור Unseen Yet Always Present: The Life Story of Shaul Avigur
198 עם וינגיט בחבש
199 קשר אמיץ
200 שליחות של אהבה: סיפורו של אנצו סרני A Mission of Love: The Life of Enzo Sereni
201 שלך, סנדרו Yours, Sandro
202 שמואל טנקוס, מהירקון עד חיל הים Shmuel Tankus, From the Yarkon to the Navy
203 תלם בים A Trail (Telem) at Sea