Constanţa, județul Constanța, Dobrogea, România

Latitude 44°10.4′N
Longitude 28°38.3′E
City Constanţa
County județul Constanța
State/ Province Dobrogea
Country România



Romania laid minefields around Sulina and Constanta.
On January 11, 1940, the 406-ton Romanian gunboat, Locotenent Lepri Remus, hit a stray mine and sank, the largest RRN ship sunk during the war.
The Sulina Naval Detachment protected the Danube Delta, and the Upper Danube Detachment guarded the river from Cazane to Portile-de-Fier, both contingents depended on 7 pre–World War I river monitors and a handful of smaller craft.


According to Soviet intelligence reports, the main forces of the German Black Sea fleet were moored in Sulina and Constanta: there were 150 fighting ships, auxiliary vessels and other craft at Constanta and 50 fighting ships and other vessels based at Sulina.
On August 20, 1944, the Russians launched the Yassy-Kishinev Operation was launched.
On August 26, 1944,the Soviet flotilla took Tulchea.
On August 27, 1944,a detachment of 16 armoured boats and the 384th Separate Nikolayev Marine Battalion captured Sulina.
The Romanian River Naval Flotilla surrendered, and the Soviet forces established complete control over the lower Danube River.
The Third Ukrainian Front reached Constanta, and on August 28, and the Soviets called for the commander of the Romanian Fleet to surrender.
The tanks of the Third Ukrainian Front entered Constanta, and on August 30, a detachment of patrol craft and motor torpedo boats arrived from Sulina.

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