Allum, Don

Birth Name Allum, Don
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources

Military Service   Royal Navy RN, HM Armed Forces, United Kingdom Ministry of Defence MoD  

Boat   HMS Providence (J325), Royal Navy  

Event Note

Lieutenant William E.Messinger RN, served as Commander aboard HMS Providence.

Event Note

Alan Green served as Able Seaman aboard HMS Providence.

Event Note

Don Allum served as Stoker aboard HMS Providence.

Boat November 1, 1946 לטרון San Dimitrio San Demitros S/S Södra Sverige Latrun Latrun Latrun לטרון San Demetrio was intercepted by HMS Providence, off the coast of Palestine

Place Note

On November 1, 1946, Latrun לטרון San Demetrio was intercepted by HMS Providence, off Palestine, boarded with no resistance, and escorted to Haifa חיפה.
Able Seaman Alan Green cites: "Providence closed and rammed her, the grappling irons were thrown and the boarding party armed with pick-axe handles and led by a Sub-Lieutenant with a revolver leapt aboard."
The passengers put up resistance before being captured, a fight ensued. and several of passengers and British Marines were hurt.
Stoker Don Allum cites: "I was one of the engine-room men who went down below, and I remember the San Dimitrio listing to one side, and then she went straight over to the other side, which was very scary for us down below."
Latrun לטרון San Demetrio had been damaged, and listed to one side.
Latrun לטרון San Demetrio, damaged and listing to one side, was towed to Haifa חיפה.
Passengers and crew were transferred to a deportation ship, and transported to Famasgusta Αμμόχωστος Gazimağusa. aboard HMT Empire Heywood and HMT Ocean Vigour.



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