Frank, Anita

Birth Name Frank, Anita
Married Name Frank Payson, Anita
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth August, 1926 Berlin, Metropolregion Berlin/Brandenburg, Brandenburg, Deutschland  

Event Note

In 1938, when Anita Frank was no longer permitted to go to the public school, her parents enrolled me at the private, Jewish Theodor Herzl School.

Transport January, 1939 Kindertransport Children’s Transport  

Event Note

Anita Frank Payson cites: "My parents had the courage to send me, their only child, twelve years old, to another country, not knowing if they would ever see me again."

Event Note

Anita Frank travelled from Berlin to the coast of France, from there, by ship to Southhampton, where strangers took her to Scotland.

Event Note

Anita Frank was taken to the home of a family in Glasgow, where she remained for two years

Event Note

Anita Frank's parents were able to leave Germany before the Nazis closed all exits and they had a reunion in England.



    1. Frank, Anita