Seiden, Lisa

Birth Name Seiden, Lisa
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth   Wien Vienna, Österreich  

Transport   Kindertransport Children’s Transport  

Event Note

By December of 1938, the Seiden family decided to send their children, Lisa and Peter Seiden to England to shield them from the daily persecution

Event Note

Lisa and Peter Seiden traveled from Wien by train, then ship, and three days later arrived in England.
They stayed a short time in a transit camp, then lived with a sponsor named Mrs. Tanner, who owned a 26 room mansion.

Event Note

Lisa Seiden was then placed with the Emperor of Abyssinia, Haile Selassie, who had fled to England in May, 1936, when Italy invaded his country.

Event Note

In 1946, Lisa and Peter Seiden left England, and were reunited with their parents in South America.



    1. Seiden, Lisa