Brand, Eugen Joel

Birth Name Brand, Eugen Joel [1a] [2]
Birth Name ברנד, יואל
Call Name Joel
Call Name יואל
Gender male
Age at Death 58 years, 2 months, 18 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth April 25, 1906 Năsăud, județul Bistrița-Năsăud, Transilvania, regiunea de dezvoltare Nord-Vest,  

Event Note

Joel Brand was born in Transylvania, and in 1910, his family moved to Germany.

Membership     Joel Brand and Samuel Springmann were members in Hakhsharah

Event Note

Joel Brand became a Communist, and was arrested and then released in 1934 when he settled in Budapest.
He later became a Zionist.

Marriage 1935   Joel Brand he married Hansi Hartmann

Event Note

In 1941, Hansi Hartmann’s brother was deported, and her husband gave Josezf Krem, a Hungarian espionage agent, money to save his wife’s relatives.
From then on, Joel Brand was involved in smuggling and aiding refugees from Poland and Slovakia to the relative safety of Hungary.

Event Note

After the invasion and the start of the deportation of Hungarian Jews to Auschwitz and the labor camps, Joel Brand became involved in negotiating with the Nazis to rescue Jews in return, for money, and later, for goods.

Membership 1942 ועדת העזרה וההצלה בבודפשט Vaada Aid and Rescue Committee Rezső Rudolf Kasztner was one of the leaders, with Joel Brand and Samuel Springmann

Event Note

Between 1929-1931, Rezső Kasztner served as Secretary-General, Parliamentary Group of the Jewish party, in Romania.

Event Note

Rezső Kasztner worked in Bucureşti, as member of the Executive of the Palestine Office, of the Jewish Agency.

Event Note

Between 1943 and 1945, Rezső Kasztner served as Associate President, of the Hungarian Zionist Organization.

Event Note

After March, 1944, Adolf Eichmann, under orders from Himmler, summoned Joel Brand and offered him “trucks for blood”: 10,000 trucks and consumer staples, tea, coffee, sugar, and soap, for one million Jews.
Joel Brand was sent to Istanbul to contact Allied intelligence, to rescue the Jews of Hungary. , along with Bandi Grosz, a Jewish espionage agent; they were to negotiate a deal for the Sicherheitsdienst SD for a separate peace with the Americans or British.
From Istanbul, the two went to Syria, where they were arrested and taken to Cairo for interrogation by the Allies, who refused to negotiate with the SS.
Joel Brand was released, and he was sent to Palestine.

Death July 13, 1964   Joel Brand died, at age 58 years, from liver disease


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    1. Brand, Eugen Joel