Schwartz Shevet, Levi

Birth Name Schwartz Shevet, Levi
Birth Name Schwartz, Levi
Also Known As שבט, לוי
Call Name לוי
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources

Military Service   פלמ"ח פלוגות מחץ Palmach, הגנה  

Military Service   מוסד לעלייה ב' Mossad leAliyah Bet  

Boat April, 1938   Artemisia Ἀρτεμῑσίᾱ ארטימיסיה sailed back to Piraeus

Event Note

In April, 1938, Amiram Shochat and Levi Schwartz sailed back to Greece aboard Artemisia ארטימיסיה Ἀρτεμῑσίᾱ.

Boat   הנרייטה סולד Arites Salas Aric Saiam Ariete Salom Henrietta Szold Mossad leAliyah Bet prepared Henriettta Szold הנרייטה סולד to sail from Greece

Event Note

In September, 1946, Reuven Yatir יתיר was sent to Greece, where Yanni Avidov אבידב was stationed, to acquire boats for Mossad le Aliyah Bet.

Event Note

Levi Schwartz and Shaar 'Sharik' Yashuv looked for for orphaned Jewish children who they could send to Palestine.

Event Note

Yanni Avidov, of Mossad leAliyah Bet, prepared Henriettta Szold הנרייטה סולד for the voyage from Greece.
Shmuel Samek Yanai שמואל סמק ינאי cites: "Yanni Avidov took the place of Levi Schwartz. Yanni’s chief aim in life was to save children. He, together with his helper, Shaar Yashuv (Sharik from Kibbutz Bet Hashita), went from monastery to monastery looking for Jewish children whose parents had left them there when they were taken to Auschwitz. They gathered about 400 children and brought them to a special camp. The next ship was to be for them. Even before we had a ship, Yanni had already named it the “Henriettta Szold”, in honor of the founder of the Aliyat Ha'Noar."

Boat 1945   Gavriella גבריאלה was prepared for sailing in Piraeus Πειραιάς

Event Note

Levy Schwartz Shevet, Charilos Hortis and Yitzchak Abuzi Elshaik prepared Gavriella גבריאלה for sailing from Piraeus Πειραιάς.

Boat September 6, 1934 Βέλος Velos ’וילוס א‘ & ב Velos Βέλος 'וילוס ב sailed from Varna Варна

Event Note

On September 6, 1934, Velos 'וילוס ב sailed a second time from Varna Варна, carrying 350 passengers, organized by Hechalutz.
Both WZO and Labour Zionist leaderships opposed any further attempts.
The Jewish Agency opposed illegal immigration in any form in the years after the Velos 'וילוס ב attempt, and the opposition lasted until the end of 1938.
They feared that illegal immigration would affect the granting of certificates for legal immigrants.
Jürgen Rohwer cites: Velos וילוס, on her second voyage, sailed from Varna Варна, led by Levi Schwartz.
Katriel Yaffe served as Commander מפקד aboard Velos 'וילוס ב when she sailed from Varna Варна.

Event Note

Katriel Yaffe served as Commander מפקד aboard Velos 'וילוס ב when she sailed from Varna Варна.

Event Note

Reuven Migdal, Chava Plonski, Manes Mondri, Yitzhak Burstein, and Shimon Schlechter, left Ciechanowiec by carriage for the Czyzewo railroad stop, boarded the train to Warszawa, where they assembled, and three days later, boarded a train for Varna Варна, to board Velos 'וילוס ב.

Event Note

The passengers on Velos וילוס, including the members from Ciechanowiec, diembarked at Pireaus Πειραιάς, and boarded another vessel, which took them back into the Black Sea, to Constanța.
In December, 1934, they were sent to the village of Zalshitzki, on the border between Romania and Poland.


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