Gringer, Yosef 'Boger'

Birth Name Gringer, Yosef 'Boger'
Also Known As 'Boger'
Call Name Yosef
Call Name 'Boger'
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1913    

Event Note

In 1928, Yosef Gringer, age 15 years, moved to Budapest, where he studied at an agricultural/technical school.

Aliyah 1932   Yosef Gringer, age 19 years, left Hungary

Residence 1932 קיבוץ בית השיטה kibbutz Beit haShita, עמק חרוד, הגלבוע, עמק יזרעאל, הצפון, ישראל Yosef Gringer joined the group, 'Chugim'

Military Service 1936   Yosef Gringer was mobilized and sent to the Tel Aviv port

Boat 1938   Yosef Gringer was given a British/Palestinian passport, and sent by boat from Alexandria الإسكندرية‎ to Piraeus Πειραιάς

Event Note

Yosef Gringer and Shapiro boarded the train at Rehovot רחובות.
At the Suez Canal قناة السويس‎, they disembarked from the train and crossed the canal by boat.
They boarded another train and continued on to Alexandria الإسكندرية‎.
They saile from Alexandria الإسكندرية‎ on an Italian boat, that took 3 days to get to Pireaus Πειραιάς, where they met with Zeev Shind, second in command of Aliyah Bet activities in Greece Ελλάδα.

Boat January 3, 1938 Ποσειδῶν פוסידון Poseidon Poseidon Ποσειδῶν sailed from Pireaus Πειραιάς

Place Note

On January 3, 1938, Poseidon Ποσειδῶν sailed from Piraeus Πειραιάς on her first voyage, organized by Hechalutz החלוץ and Mossad leAliyah Bet, carrying 65 passengers.
Yosef Gringer cites Poseidon Ποσειδῶν had a crew of 9 men, and 90 passengers on board. cites Poseidon Ποσειδῶν sailed from Lavrion Λαύριο.
Yosef Gringer served as Palyam Escort aboard Poseidon Ποσειδῶν when she sailed from Piraeus Πειραιάς.



    1. Gringer, Yosef 'Boger'