Morgan, Evan J.

Birth Name Morgan, Evan J. [1] [2a]
Call Name Evan
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources

Boat   גאולה SS Paducah Geula Evan Morgan served as Chief Mate

Boat September 23, 1947 מדינת היהודים INS Eilat (A-16 Aleph 16) INS Matzpen Zefonit USCGC Northland (WPG-49) Jewish State Medinat haYehudim Northland Medinat haYehudim מדינת היהודים sailed from Burgas Бургас

Event Note

Evan J. Morgan was transferred from SS Paduca Geulah to Northland Medinat haYehudim מדינת היהודים, and served as Captain.
The British Intelligence Report on the Arrival of the "Northland" cites: Evan J. Morgan served as Captain aboard Northland Medinat haYehudim מדינת היהודים.

Event Note

Eddie Abadi's daughter, Smadar Rina Erez, cites: "He spent a year as bosun on the refugee ship that was sponsored by the Mosad for Aliya Bet. Eddie helped pilot the ship into the Dardanelles to pick up over 2000 refugees at Burgas, Bulgaria. The first mate did not want to steer the ship, which was an icebreaker, heavy with a wheel that was hard to handle, so Eddie ended up at the wheel."


Source References

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